Friday, November 26, 2010

Luck, for me, is more often than not a [insert dollar amount] bill laying on the ground

I know this sounds incredibly loony (haha, it's a pun for Canadians), but I have this sixth sense or something for finding money. Occurrences like this usually happen when I least expect it or when I'm having a crappy day.

Today was one of the latter instances.

I needed to run some errands today: I needed to pay off an outstanding debt and do some banking for my new tenant, so I figured I would try to deposit some cheques into my mum's estate account while I was in the area. "The area" is on the opposite side of the city from where I live, sadly. With no car and an unreliable transit system, I knew I would need to make a day of it. So I left school early and prepared myself for the couple hours, at least, that I would spend on transit. Thankfully for me, I got a ride up to the first bank with my Aunty. This helped save some time. I did my banking at the first bank with relative ease, parted ways with my Aunty, and headed over to bank number 2.

Right before my stop on the bus, I noticed my baby sister was on that same bus. I visited with her for a bit, which instantly made my day. In fact, I'm blogging from her place as I type. She's due for her baby any time now. She had a false alarm today with some sort of fluid leakage... too bad, because I packed up my camera and everything in case I was called upon to be with her in the hospital.

Anyway, back to the original story.

I parted ways with my sister a few minutes later and headed to the second bank. I went hoping they could help me out without account information. Usually, they can look up names and stuff, so I didn't think it was a problem. I'm sure, judging from my sentence wording, you can figure out that it was, in fact, a problem. No matter-- I was kind of going off the hope they could work a miracle for me. Sadly, Scotiabank cannot. But... the branch looks really beautiful, so I can forgive them. I'm happy to visit the branch again for the sake of sitting in a comfy leather chair, free coffee, and TV (today, a hockey game was on, for instance).

So... feeling blah about my failure, I decided to go to the Safeway nearby, mostly to get a Earl Grey Tea Latte from Starbucks (breve, sugar-free vanilla, no foam, yum). I found a discount rack with cheap tea and green baking sprinkles, so I also picked those up. Two boxes of tea, two containers of sprinkles, a latte, and 9 dollars later, I was on my way to my sister's place. I went to text her when I noticed a $5 bill on the ground. Nice.

This always excites me, mostly because it happens so often. A rough estimate of my recent track record to date:
- Once, I found $15 in the sink at work. I really don't know.
- On a walk while I was following deer tracks, I found $3.26 by a puddle.
- On 2 different occasions last year, I found one $20 bill in the same ATM at the school. Sadly, this ATM was replaced with ones that don't have a little money chute where bills get stuck...
- On my way to the gym last year, I found a folded up $5 on the floor.
- Inside of the gym last year, beside the elliptical, I found $10.
- This year, I found a $5 on the floor in one of the buildings in my school.
- A couple weeks later, I found two $5 bills on the floor of the same building in my school.
- There was a $20 bill on the ground at the place I play ITG at frequently. I told the girl at the counter about it and said I would give $10 to her as a tip. Not long after I had said that, someone came up to me and said they had lost $20. I gave them the bill, and kept my promise to the girl at the counter.

...that's what I can remember. I'm honestly not sure what kind of funky horseshoe I have up my ass, but it's there and attracting money to me left, right, and center. I like to think that mum is looking out for me, because she knows I'm so poor.

Usually, I give more money away than I keep. I love trying to help people in more need than I am... but I try to do this only after I've paid my necessary bills and whatnot. Still... I think it's pretty neat that this happens to me!

Anyway, until next time!


Elisa Chappelle said...

Lucky girl, wish some of that would rub off on me!!!

Dawn Kirkpatrick said...

It's called good karma. You can never out-give good karma. :)

La Angel Caida said...

Well funny story... I found another $10 bill on the train platform on my way to meet John at Chinook Mall.

Seriously... I don't understand this at all!